30 Jan 2010

Lesson plan for February 5th, 2010 (Alean) => transferred to "Wiki tasks" page.

28 Jan 2010

AL: Preparation of final Gg lesson before hols: Final product, access to Wiki, project management (schedule and journal), laptops for next quartal. Set up ToDo pages.
Ge: Preparation of first E lesson after hols, laptops for next quartal.


GE: Select slides for integration into Website.
AL: Chose short titles for pages. After we have agreed on then => set up pages and menu accordingly.

29 Dec 2009

Edit Beurteilungsblatt with regard to language and items to be assessed (journal, presentation plus webpages?)

10 Dec 2009

We discussed and defined the tasks and grading criteria for the milestone and the final presentation.
What needs to be done is:
  • Ge: Content of Web page (structure and length).
  • Al: "Adapt Kriterienkatalog für Beurteilungen". Done.

3 Dec 2009

Still open:
  1. What exactly will be graded?
  2. Which elements of PoL are used (Al suggests: "PoL-Ordner" page 46-47, "Feedback einholen")
  3. Criteria for grading students' work (Beurteilungskriterien)
  4. Dates and form of milestone(s)

20 Nov 09 (Ge)

Useful links for background information are:

19 Nov 2009

Tasks for student groups are now defined.
To do later Ge-Al, possibly on 26.11.2009
  • Discuss peer review process; milestones
  • using which tools from PoL-Ordner?
  • How to deal with technical vocabulary?
To do Ge:
  • Enter the tasks into Wiki
  • Introduce 5b to reading assignment and general idea of collaboration En-Gg (next Monday)
To do Al:
  • Check sensible text lengths for quoted text passages (probably define maximum)
  • Highlight names in topics and set up new page for tasks
  • Introduce 5b to Wiki and "invite" class (after next Monday)
  • Calculate number of lessons available

17 Nov 09 (Ge)

The Schulleitung has given us the OK for Mon 1 Feb as well.
15 Nov 09 (Ge)

Daniel Glenck (history) has given us his OK for Mon 1 Feb.
I'll hand in our request soon.

13 Nov 2009 (Al)

The stundents need to know their topics when they start reading. That way they can mark relevant sections of the text as they read on. This will speed up the process once they start editing the Wiki. Please let's not forget this point when they get the reading asignment (which, I believe, is very soon).

12 November 09 (Ge)

I think we should add "Schools/ education" to the list of topics. (Al: It's there already).

Next meeting

we left it open wether this will happen on 19th Nov. already.

12 November 09

Al: Number of tests after the project (1, 2?) ==> duscuss with SL (JR)
Ge: Organize "Arbeitshalbtag" Mo. 1.2. 13h10-14h50.
Al and Ge: We need to decide how the grade counts in ralation to the semester grade.
Al and Ge: We need to decide about the knowledge base! One or several articles from journals etc.; also: do thje students reserach these or do we provide them?

8 November 09 (Ge)

I'm looking forward to Thursday 12 Nov. We should then be able to tackle and sort out some of the issues listed below.

4 November 09

Next steps (Al)

I believe these should be our next steps:
  1. define learning outcomes for the students
  2. define quality criteria (RE marking, grades; material from the "Vertiefungsblock" in Geography is available)
  3. set dates / timeframe; in particular: date(s) for Arbeits(halb)tag(e).
I guess this will take us 2 to 3 hours to get this kind of thing set up. No great rush, but let's schedule it for November. Unfortunately there is no really good time for us both in school to do it in one go. So we could do it "incrementally" during the 3rd lesson on several Thursdays. WDYT (what do you think)?

Comment Gerber

I find your topics good and doable. Could we also include something like "First World vs. Third World economy in the same country"?
Please let me know. JA: Why not, but ideally more specific, an idea would be to look at the "informal sector" which, I seem to remember, appears as an issue in the novel, and about which there would be specific geographical literature. Are you sure there are enough specific passages in the text which can be "exploited" for this topic?

1 Nov 09

Done Gerber

  • Wow - I've managed to get this far. Thank you for setting this up.
  • I agree with the structure of the project, i.e. with all the five points listed above.
  • I have talked to the Stundenplaner. We seem to have a high chance with our request.


We discuss a possible structure of the project. Current hypothesis:
  • 5 topics, groups of 5 students each
  • Each group searches for text examples from KB highlighting the topic => present these on the Wiki.
  • Each group does literature and/or Web research to study the topic from the geographical viewpoint => present the results on the Wiki.
  • There may be milestones or meeting points (Arbeitshalbtage).
  • Grading the work, as well as criteria for this, need to be defined and discussed with the class.
Boundary conditions: Class has read at least part of KB by the end of February 2010, the main part of the project start after the february holidays, but possibly (at least in Geography) earlier.

ToDo Alean

  • Set up Wiki (DONE: 29.10.2009)
  • Enter topics for discussion (DONE as a first draft: 29.10.2009)

ToDo Gerber

  • Talk to Stundenplanordner => possibly have two lessons Gg-En or En-Gg following each other.