South Africa – Third World and First World in One Country


Our questions

What are the Third World elements in this country?
How do they compare with other developing countries?
How are they described in Mark Mathabane's Kaffir Boy, an autobiography set in apartheid times? What has changed since then?

Our project

We wanted to answer these questions in a joint English and Geography project, which lasted 10 weeks. For communication with each other and with our teachers we exclusively used "Wikispaces".

Our topics

These are the topics we examined in groups of three:
The Role of Women (Melanie Mäder, Rebekka Spalinger, Dina Hänseler)
Migrant Workers (Elio Keller, Fahim Mozaffari, Adrian Panholzer)
Children and School (Samira Agha Majidi, Bettina Solci, Nadine Arnold)
Housing and Infrastructure (Patrick Hörnlimann, Cédric Oppliger, Norman Stilli)
We, class 5b of 2009/10, are in our fifth year of English. Doing research and editing our findings in a foreign language was quite a challenge, even with the assistance of our teachers (Jürg Alean, Geography, and Ulrich Gerber, English).

Our school

Our school, Kantonsschule Zürcher Unterland in Bülach, Switzerland, is a highly selective state school and prepares students for entry to Swiss universities. Contact us at


All photos, unless otherwise credited, are by Doris Gerber.