Journal Women

Our procedure

We worked mostly together, especially on the conclusions. When we looked for information, we divided the work. Every one of us informed itself about one subtitle. For example one read a text and afterwards wrote a summary. First of all, we wrote down the most important quotations of the situation of Johannes' mother and his grandmother. After that, we wrote together the conclusion. For "the role of women in South Africa and in the Third World" we divided all the work but we always wrote the conclusions together.

In conclusion, we can say that we always worked concentrated and we advanced rapidly. Although we needed a lot of time to write the conclusions together, it was an opportunity to share thoughts and develop ideas. We think we are a good team, because everyone does his part.

12 May 2010 Gg

Today is the last day we have the possibility to work on the Kaffir Boy Wikispace. During the spring holidays we searched the texts for mistakes and corrected them. Now we prepare our final presentation and at last we review our pages.

23 April 2010 Gg

We finished our final conclusion and added two pictures. Now we have to read and check our texts again and then to prepare our final presentation.

22 April 2010 E

During these two lessons we finished the table and started writing our final conclusion. It was difficult to start the final conclusion because we didn't know where to begin and how we should structur this text. A problem for us was also that we have compare the role of women in South Africa AFTER APARTHEID, but the information we have found in the internet somtimes were not so clear.

21 April 2010 Gg

Today we started writing on the page "conclusions". For the beginning we made a table. We think this is a good idea because it gives a overview and it will be easier to compare the different aspects.

19 April 2010 E

After the "Studienwoche" we wrote the conclusion of women in the Third World and added two pictures.

9 April 2010 Gg

First we read the texts everybody wrote individually in the last lesson. We gave each other feedbacks, so we could ameliorate our texts. Afterwards we reflected how we want to structure the conclusion of women in the Third World. Finally we began to wrote that conclusion.

8 April 2010 E

Today we worked individually. One of us wrote about Johannes' grandmother, another about work in the Thirld World and the third looked for texts about single parents and red them.
Next lesson we have to write the conclusion of "women in the Thirld World" and we have to start writing the final conclusion as early as possible.

7 April 2010 Gg

We divided some themes of the page "in the Third World", so that we can work individually. For some themes it was difficult to find good sources on the internet, for example sites of the women's emanzipation.

31 March 2010 Gg

Today we had our milestone presentation. We were the first group that could present its theme. Fortunately all went good.
Unfortunately we received less feedback: the class liked the structure of the presentation and our procedure. Our teacher proposed to add a text about single parents and to include the grandmother.

25 March 2010 E

We worked two hours individually for our presentation. Everyone tried to summarize her text and to find out the most important informations. It is difficult to short the texts so that they are still understandable.

24 March 2010 Gg

Today we prepared milestone one and finished the daily routine of women in the Third world. We also learnd how to link our texts.

22 March 2010 E

Today, we wrote the next part of "The role of women in the Third world." It was easier to write this passage, because we made before a list of prompts of what we wanted to describe. We decided that we want to put a time table with the duties of a women in our site.

19 March 2010 Gg

We finished a part of 'The role of women in the Third world'. As soon as we wrote this little section the lesson was almost over and we had just enough time to insert two images into the text about 'The role of women in South Africa'. Once again we noticed that it takes a lot of time to choose the most important facts of an information source and to write down a comprehensible text.

18 March 2010 E

First we corrected the grammatical mistakes. Shortly after, while one of us added and modified the conclusion of 'The role of women in South Africa', the others dealed with articles from the internet and noted a list of prompts of the most important facts. That was helpful for the next steps, so that we get a general idea of the themes we will write about.

17 March 2010 Gg

Today, we divided the work. One of us wrote a summary of a text about 'The role of women in South Africa' and to two others looked for useful articels about 'The role of women in the Third World'. This distribution helped us to do more during the same time instead of working all together on the same topic.

15 March 2010 E

At the beginning we tried to finish the conclusion of 'The role of women in South Africa' but then we found two more interesting pages about this topic in the internet. So two of us read the articles an the other one read a text about woman in Third Word countries. It was not easy for us to write the conclusion together because everyone wanted to write an other thing. But I think it is important to write the conclusion together so we have more ideas and everyone of the group shoud be satisfied. For the next lesson we will read the pages which we found today and try to summarize them.

11 March 2010 E

We finished the first part of the role of women in South Africa, but we had problems to summarize the informations from the internet sources in our own words.
On the one hand it is difficult to work in a group of three, because we all have other opinions; on the other hand we can profit of the ideas of all three.

8 March 2010 E

We started to write the text about the role of women in South Africa.

5 March 2010 Gg

We searched the internet about information about the role of women in South Africa and we looked for sources in the books from geography.

4 March 2010 E

In this lesson we decided to work together. We finished the page about the role of women in Kaffir boy, exactly we described the role of Johannes' mother. We also added significant pictures to this site.

Alean: Great that you already entered photos. Such photos will also be useful in th eother pages about South Africa in general. You should put a short caption under the picture. It can be done by clicking the image, then write into "Caption". In particular the second pictures needs explaining. Why is it there (in relation to your text?).

2 March 2010 Gg

In the first double lesson in geography we arranged how we want to start this project. We decided to begin with the role of women in Kaffir Boy, so we copied the most important passages from the book into the Wiki and we started to describe the role of women, in our case the role of Johannes' mother, with the aid of quotations.

1 March 2010 E

This was the first meeting in our groups after we have read our book Kaffir Boy. We exchanged our first impressions about Kaffir Boy and we talked about the passages we have picked.